Cabeceras Safety

Safety is a company-wide priority and is emphasized through a host of programs, including safety training for field employees, inspections and weekly safety reports.

Our field personnel places a premium on safety, receiving extensive OSHA training, on-site, as well as in the classroom. These individuals understand their primary responsibility day in and day out: to provide a safe and clean working environment for all.

The Safety First edict also extends to any facility, office, campus, or general location of any project. Renovation and expansion projects oftentimes call for work in occupied areas of a facility. Furthermore, work on a university or other campus environment requires extensive pre-planning with regards to the placement and construction of pedestrian tunnels, as well as the maintenance of all emergency access and evacuation routes.

OHL-Arellano believes that all jobsite accidents are preventable and as such, no detail is too small. As part of our safety program, and vitally important in the South Florida market, is our hurricane preparation plan. All jobsites are required to implement our standard protocol for securing it in the event of a potential storm.