6/25/2013 12:00:00 AM

Project worth $ 142 million for highway U.S. 290

The OHL Group has secured its first construction contract in the State of Texas

  • The State of Texas has scheduled projects worth $ 5 billion for the upcoming 12-18 months
  • OHL Construction's activities in the USA began in the State of Florida in 2006 and extended to New York in 2010

The OHL Group broadened its construction activities in the USA to another state, Texas, where OHL US South Region, based in Miami, has recently opened its regional headquarters. Texas thus joins Florida and New York as states in which OHL Construction has been working since 2006 and 2010 respectively.

Our entry into the State of Texas has come by way of a contract worth $ 142 million (€ 108.4 million) awarded by the Texas Department of Transportation to improve a section spanning 3.2 km of highway U.S. 290, within the framework of the program initiated to increase the number of lanes along this infrastructure.

The project includes reconstruction work on the existing roadway, including the construction of new bridges along almost a full kilometer in addition to repaving and drainage work.

One of the most delicate points of this contract will entail managing traffic on the highway during the work, since OHL will have to guarantee unlimited circulation with maximum safety.

This contract award is highly relevant for OHL in light of the competition with strong local construction companies, which further demonstrates OHL's capacity to increase its activity in the State of Texas, which plans on undertaking projects amounting to $ 5 million in the upcoming 12-18 months.

The activities of OHL Construction in the United States of America began in the State of Florida in 2006, participating as shareholder in the construction companies Community Asphalt and Tower Group, which were joined by OHL-Arellano and Stride Contractors in 2008. A strategic partnership embodied by an alliance forged with New York construction company Judlau Contracting aided entry into the New York State market in 2010.

OHL Construction's organizational structure has divided the United States of America and Canada into two areas: The United States (N), with headquarters in New York and responsibility over the States of New York and California, where a regional headquarters has recently been opened; and Canada and the United States (S), with headquarters in Miami and responsibility over Florida, Texas and other States in that region.

In 2012, OHL concluded project Metrorail Orange Line in Miami to become the first Spanish construction company to enter the railway sector in the United States of America. OHL is currently undertaking a massive project also in Miami for the 826/836 interchange, through which 200,000 vehicles circulate daily. The traffic control in the context of construction work on the interchange has earned official recognition from the Governor of Florida.

In New York, through the subsidiary Judlau Contracting, OHL is a large provider for the city's subway, where it was recently awarded two substantial contracts for the Cortlandt Street and 72nd St Stations, with a budget of over € 262 million.

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