5/21/2013 12:00:00 AM

Cooperation agreement between OHL and Florida International University (FIU)


On 24 April, OHL and Florida International University signed a cooperation agreement to set up an internship program for their respective students which will further strengthen OHL's ties with the US institution, in which OHL has had a School of Construction since 2012 in the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics. OHL School of Construction is the first of its kind in the history of the university to bear the name of a company.

Present at the signing ceremony, which was held in the Torre Espacio building, headquarters of OHL, were Juan-Miguel Villar Mir, President of OHL Group, Luis García-Linares, Corporate Managing Director, Juan Lorenzo Martín, Director of Human Resources, OHL Construction, and Juan González-Cebrián, Director of International Relations, among others. Representing Florida International University were the Dean, Amir Mirmiran, and Susan Jay, Director of Development, Irtishad Ahmad, Managing Director, and Irma Becerra-Fernandez, Director of Professional Career Development.

The program, to be held in the summer months, will last for ten weeks and will be offered over the next three years, renewable by mutual agreement. Training will mainly be provided at the Group's headquarters in Madrid and will include field trips to construction sites where high-profile projects are under way.

This initiative is in line with OHL's commitment to promoting education, innovation and excellence. It manifests the Group's philosophy, which is based on equal opportunities and the cultivation of leadership, fundamental to a culture of dedicated effort and the development of talent.

Currently, OHL Group is active in the US through its affiliate OHL USA, which in the south-east of the United States conducts operations through the companies OHL Building, Community Asphalt, OHL-Arellano Construction, Stride Contractors, and BCA. OHL's reach also extends to the north of the country through its participation as a strategic partner in the New-York based construction company Judlau Contracting.

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