10/2/2014 12:00:00 AM

In Florida, Texas, California and New York

New contracts in the USA for 140 million euros

The Texas Departments of Transportation (TxDOT)  has awarded a contract to OHL USA for 26.2 million euros. This is the Group’s second project in the Houston area and its fourth in Texas. The works consist of remodeling and improving a 3.61 km section of the local IH-10 road, in downtown Houston, entailing a huge difficulty in its execution given that work is carried out in the city with very heavy road traffic.

The project’s most important activities are the construction of two 143 m and 70 m structures over existing roads and a viaduct with 35 openings and 1,135 m long to recover the existing road, a railway line and the river.

In turn, in Florida, our subsidiary OHL Community Asphalt has achieved two Florida Departments of Transportation  (FDOT) contracts for 45.3 million euros. The one with the higher budget- 23.75 million euros- involves the design, improvement and extension of links and structures at access points of the I-95 to the cities of Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Lantana, Jupiter and Deerfield Beach. The second, for 21.58 million euros, consists of the design, reconstruction and extension from 4 to 6 lanes of a 3.35 km section of the SR-7 state road, in Broward County.

The fourth relevant contract has been achieved by OHL USA in the city of Industry, Los Angeles County, California. Its budget is 27.7 million euros and it was awarded by the Alameda Corridor-East (ACE) Construction Authority. It consists of constructing an underpass in Puente Avenue, under the Union Pacific Railroad and the boulevard running parallel to this line. To do this, two structures will be constructed, one consisting of metal beams for the railroad and another on-site concrete structure for the boulevard, both supported on drying stilt screens.

The other contracts, with lower budgets, include the following:

  • Fifth contract of OHL USA in Texas and its second in the metropolitan area of Austin, the state capital, for 8.4 million euros. Awarded by the TxDOT, it involves reconstructing a 2.9 km section of the local road, with four lanes, with a median separation. It includes demolishing a river bridge and constructing a new one with seven openings and prefabricated beams, without affecting traffic flow.
  • Contracts to OHL Arellano in Florida for 22.3 million euros: civic center and library in the city of Pompano Beach, walk-in clinic at the University of Miami and parking facilities in Miami Baptist Hospital. The latter project complements the one awarded in 2013, for 30 million euros, to extend and renew the Hospital’s Cardiovascular Institute.
  • Contract awarded by the FDOT to OHL Community Asphalt, for 4.1 million euros, for works along road SR-520.
  • Contract awarded by the Department of Transportation of New York City to Judlau Contracting, for 5.2 million euros, to refurbish a bridge on Bryant Avenue over the Amtrak and CSXT railroads.

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