Sustainable Construction

Cabeceras Beeing Green


OHL Building, Inc. recognizes the importance of green initiatives and the USGBC’s LEED certification standards. In order to reduce waste, we have been successfully  able to implement programs to divert at least 85% of all  our construction waste from ever reaching a landfill. In order to maximize indoor air quality, OHL Building creates and executes IAQ Plans during construction that, not only increase the health and safety of our workers, but also ensurethat the indoor air in the building is of the highest quality when delivered to the clientIn order to minimize site and environmental disturbances, we follow storm water and pollution prevention protocols that minimize the spreading of construction dust or sediment to areas outsid e the construction site, thereby also improving community relations

OHL Building has extensive experience and success in LEED Certification. We have cost effectively certified more than 30 buildings - always obtaining the targeted certification, or one above it at no extra cost to the client. We are Silver members of USGBC with an elite LEED-accredited construction team. Some of our LEED Certified projects include 

      • Pompano Beach Public Library, Cultural Center & Civic Campus – GOLD  
      • UHealth Ambulatory Lennar Foundation Medical Center – SILVER 
      • FIU Mango Building – SILVER  
      • Florida Turnpike Pompano Beach Plaza – GOLD  
      • East Ridge Retirement Village – PLATINUM 
      • Terra Environmental Research Institute – GOLD