Cabeceras Safety

As experienced construction managers, OHL Building prompts innovative strategies that minimize hazardous impacts, which in turn, offers protection from accidents. Our safety record clearly defines the excellence and commitment to maintaining a clean and safe environment. As a testament to our safety culture, OHL USA and its affiliates proudly maintain EMR Ratings lower than the industry standard.  

OHL Building has adopted higher standards than required by OSHA through our site-specific safety plans and our promotion of safety training for field employees and site subcontractors.  Mandatory bi-monthly safety trainings are held for all our management teams to ensure communication, consistency, and confirmation that we are updated with the latest safety information and standards 

In addition, in every one of our projects, an OHL Building Safety Manager oversees the works to continuously evaluate and improve the project-specific safety program and conduct periodic site visits. The Safety Manager is also actively involved in the planning and supervision of high-risk activities. We pride ourselves with having a seasoned professional construction team with proper field certifications 

It is the policy of OHL USA and its affiliate companies to provide a safe work environment for all the employees. Our number one priority is the prevention of occupational illness, accidental injury, incidents and the protection of the general public and property.  

OUR CORPORATE GOAL IS TO HAVE ZERO ACCIDENTS. To obtain and maintain that goal we continuously improve and update our safety program as our working environment and safety regulations change.