Executive team

Bernie Perez

Bernardo Perez, R.A. Executive Vice President of OHL Building 

Bernie is an active State certified general contractor, with over 35 years of industry experience including a formal background in architecture. His priorities are centered on company growth, business development, client satisfaction, and oversight of company-wide operations to exceed corporate goals. Highly involved in all projects from inception to completion and always available to meet the project’s and the client’s needs, at any time. 
"Leading by example and not leaving for tomorrow what you can do today” is his personal motto and company philosophy. 

Frank Chang (1)

Frank Chang, Senior Operations Manager

Frank is an active leader that oversees construction operations and manages project teams in accordance with OHL policies and procedures. He is involved with each department to ensure effective planning and supervision of all construction projects. He works hand-in-hand with the project teams to create a mutual understanding of the project strategy and execution by conducting in-depth reviews and analysis of contract documents. His ultimate responsibility is to ensure that the client’s goals and objectives are met. He has earned his career through the ranks with over 35 years of construction experience and holds a Certified General Contractors License in the State of Florida since 1987.