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Global economies have a material financial impact on all construction projects, large and small. Material costs and labor availability are volatile and frequently influenced by unforeseen macroeconomic conditions. As a result, time and money have taken on added importance as cost has become the overriding factor in the project approval process. Given the uncertainty in construction markets, OHL Building understands the need to establish and maintain accurate budgets, as well as, develop and execute realistic and achievable schedules for its clients. We offer a full range of pre-construction and construction services.


In an effort to assist clients in cost management, budgeting and scheduling projects, OHL provides a comprehensive product offering of preconstruction services. Preconstruction services are a value-added/cost effective means of identifying potential cost overruns, design issues, as well as cost saving opportunities during the design/concept stage of a project. Preconstruction services include: 

      • Cost consulting 
      • Schedule development 
      • Estimating services 
      • Constructability review 
      • Design phase budgeting 
      • Code compliance 
      • Value Engineering 


OHL Building offers a wide range of construction management services to meet the different needs of each client. Construction management services include: 

      • Construction manager at risk 
      • Guaranteed maximum price 
      • General contracting-lump sum 
      • Program management 
      • Design-build