United States

Florida International University Mixed-Use (MANGO) Building

Florida International University's Mixed-Use (MANGO) building offers both students and staff a multipurpose space to aid in their research and quest for knowledge. This 88,000 SF building  houses the College of Business Administration with office suites, PhD Office Spaces, a professional Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, additional workplaces for the Center for International Business and Research, and two fully functional classrooms with eight breakrooms.

This building also includes the FIU Online with a total of 64 offices, a call center, a collaboration space with two training rooms and five conference rooms, a recording studio, a 150 seat testing lab and state-of-the-art multimedia editing facilities.

The mixed-use building offers a specified area for three to four food vendors within a conveniently placed food court. High and low easily moveable table tops and lounge chairs appeal to a coffee shop aesthetic, providing efficiency and further embodying the multipurpose theme. This service section also provides the opportunity to host private parties or catering events by closing off a luxurious seating area alongside a full service kitchen with prep space and cooking equipment.

This project achieved Silver LEED certification and provides its users the proper resources to execute their tasks efficiently.